WooCommerce Reverb Plugin

From: $20.00 / month with a 15-day free trial

WooCommerce Reverb makes it easy to create and manage product in your Reverb storefront directly from your WooCommerce storefront.

Three different pricing options are available depending on how many listings you wish to have active at any given time between WooCommerce & Reverb: up to 50 product listings, up to 300 product listings, and greater than 300 product listings.

Purchase is for a single-site license. A subscription enables access to the product, updates and support for the length of the subscription from the date of purchase. Every site installation requires a subscription key.



The WooCommerce Reverb Plugin saves you time, reduces entry errors, and manages your inventory by connecting your WooCommerce powered website with your Reverb Store. You can now manage multiple products in your Reverb store right from your WooCommerce products page!

Consolidated Product Management

Now you can manage all of your products directly within your WooCommerce storefront and publish new listings & updates automatically to your Reverb storefront.  You have complete control of what products you list on Reverb, directly from your WooCommerce product page.

Inventory Tracking

The plugin automatically tracks inventory levels on both your WooCommerce & Reverb storefronts and automatically manages your product stock levels for you.  If it sells on Reverb, your inventory for that item will be automatically reduced in your WooCommerce store, and vice versa!  No more selling products that are actually out of stock.

Product Type Mappings

With the plugin mapping capabilities, you can create product categories specific to your WooCommerce & Reverb storefronts and manage their relationship!  Additionally, you can set the Reverb Shipping Profile to use for the category mapping.

Product Synchronization Status

A reporting feature is provided with the WooCommerce Reverb Plugin to show you what products are actively being published between your WooCommerce & Reverb storefronts.  It also includes diagnostic information to help you identify any items that need to be addressed in order to correctly sync your product.

Reverb Fields

Each individual WooCommerce product can have the following reverb product data published automatically:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Finish
  • Year
  • Seller Cost

Accept Offers

For each product you list on Reverb using the plugin, you have the option to “accept offers” by clicking on the WooCommerce Product option on the WooCommerce Product page.  The Accept Offers will then display on the corresponding Reverb product.

Additional Information


Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, 2 Year Subscription

Number of Product Listings

up to 50, up to 300, greater than 300